Café FLO 福楼咖凡
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Café FLO is committed to providing only the best French meals, with top quality imported wine, coffee beans, classic French butter, premium European flour and more. Café FLO Tai Koo Li is specialized to serve the needs of the eager shoppers who flock to the Tai Koo Li daily, with customized yoghourts, drinks and a unique atmosphere suitable for shopping as well as romance – all levels of discerning tastes are accommodated at Café FLO The signature dishes, made famous by Maison FLO, including imported Fine de Claire oysters and Escargots snail, are all to be found at Café FLO but tailored to fit the needs of busy boutique workers and shoppers alike. The menu is the result of the tireless efforts of FLO’s head chef Andy CHOY, who trained under Michelin starred chef Daniel CHAMBON. The two chefs both embody the core philosophy of FLO, focusing on fresh, healthy cuisine that highlights the very best of the French gastronomic tradition while catering to modern tastes.

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Tel:010-6409 4224

Open Time:10:00-22:00

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