Art Works


Strolling through Taikoo Li Sanlitun, you will happen upon sculptures and installations uniquely designed for public spaces. Alongside the vibrant shop windows and the endless parade of stylish shoppers, these ingenious works of art showcase Swire’s commitment to creating spaces filled with culture. They will transport you to a state of mind where the lifestyle of leisure and shopping can be fully enjoyed.


Sculptures by Zheng Lu. Medium: Stainless steel.


Modeled after ordinary Chinese houses, these works use the language of sculpture to extract and reveal formal structures. The contours of a house are delineated, joined with surfaces, and then reconstituted in solid form as a set of three-dimensional frame houses, row upon row – modern consciousness in sculpted form.


There is a proverb: “A family in harmony will prosper in all things.” The basis of familial harmony is harmony between individuals, and a group of colorful houses serves as an interpretation of this metaphor.

The Walking Words

Sculptures by Liu Yonggang. Medium: Cast iron.


Blending the charms of Chinese history and culture with contemporary art forms, the artist depicts the evolution of writing by making three-dimensional sculptures out of ideographs.


From left to right, the words TAI and GU are magically transformed into a couple in a joyous embrace. At Taikoo Li Sanlitun, the two met, became friends, fell in love and achieved the eternal promise of "growing old together, hand in hand."

Do You Know How Far You’ve Wandered in My Work?

Installations by Ma Han. Medium: Hardwood.


This work was inspired by an ancient Chinese game known as “goblet in the winding stream.” In the third lunar month, after completing the ritual ablutions of the Fuxi ceremony, people would sit along both banks of a meandering stream. Upstream, a goblet would be placed in the water to float down with the current. Whoever it came to rest in front of would quaff wine from the cup.


In this installation, the “winding stream” has been transformed into a serpentine path cut into a low round platform. People who come to this space are not mere passersby; they linger and enjoy the surroundings, traverse the twisting path carved into the wooden platform, and quietly open their senses to ancient culture and Zen emptiness.

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